Level 1 DJ

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Level 1 DJ Services


          Decades Music is your premium DJ service.  Details and understanding the audience that we are playing for is what makes us shine amongst our competition.  We are professionals at what we do, with one exception, we know how to entertain a party and bring the fun out in people.

At the end of your event, your opinion is highly valued.  We are not a typical DJ service that plays from a playlist.  A combination of your song favorites, areas of music to stay away from and letting us read the audience are the perfect ingredients to making your celebration one that stands out.  We are artists, the only difference, we are not painting a picture, but capturing an audience into a spin with the help of what we know as “Great Music”!
[spacer] If you are wanting to keep your event simple with music and wish to play a larger role in selecting your songs (playlist style), please look at our “Jukebox DJ” service. Below, is some additional information about our Level 1 DJ.

DJ Experience: 10 Plus years
Event Specialty: Signature Weddings & Corporate functions
Playing Style: To engage everyone in a celebration that you can call your own; by allowing the DJ to feel the music and read the crowd. Very diverse, easy to work with and able to create an unforgettable moment.
Emcee Participation: Our level 1 DJ’s are known to have a professional voice with character; able to deliver important announcements clearly – never too little or too much.
Attire: Professionally dressed to fit your event.

Is Level 1 DJ suited for my event?

My event is heavily dependent on entertainment Yes
Will DJ professionalism play a key role (attire, emcee announcements, etc.)? Yes
Will my DJ have knowledge of music genres; knowing what to play for different age groups? Yes
Can I pick out some song favorites? Yes
Will this include all grade A professional music equipment? Yes
Does my event require entertainment pre-planning? Yes
Are we able to display pictures on your consoled monitor? (Limited availability) Yes

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